Adirondack Locations,Location Scouting, Movies, Film, Commercials

Adirondack Locations,Location Scouting, Movies, Film, Commercials
Adirondack Locations,Location Scouting, Movies, Film, Commercials

Adirondacks On Location,Location Scouting,Movies,Film,Commercials,Shoots

Production Services Provided
Location Scouting  · Site Coordination · Catering · Location Vans
Staffing · Props · Lodging Facilities · Communications · Transportation

Adirondack Locations,Location Scouting, Movies, Film, Commercials, Adirondack Mist, Frank HouckThank you for your interest in the Adirondack Mountains and Tahawus, Ltd., a licensed professional guide service offering adventure travel opportunities and instruction in a variety of outdoor recreational pursuits. We can insure a high level of authenticity in the development of outdoor sporting productions; as well as provide access to numerous unique Adirondack properties and scenic locations.

As site coordinators, we can provide a wide variety of production assistance from location scouting to resource procurement. Having developed a network of contacts throughout the six and a half million acre park; Tahawus, Ltd. can assist in securing many unique properties and any necessary accessory equipment. This includes modern and antique automobiles, water-craft, float-planes, dog sleds, horse 'n sleigh, as well as vintage equipment utilized in the outdoor field. Complete arrangements can be made for all on-site details; including meals, lodging, transportation, equipment and staffing needs. Our services are cost efficient and accountable, with all expenses compiled on a master account.

Adirondack Locations,Location Scouting, Movies, Film, Commercials, Adirondack Mist, Frank HouckThis unique service has received a very welcome response due to the significant increase in the use of outdoors, "Great Camps" and sporting scenes in production projects. Our services provide the necessary elements that allow Directors and Production Managers to focus on the critical issues of the project; without having to worry about the minor details. We strive to assure that the client's needs are satisfied from the initial inquiry to the successful completion of the final product. We hope that we may be of service when considering the Adirondacks for your production project.

Requests for references are welcome. For further information, call or fax at 518-891-4334, or e-mail at


Joe Hackett

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Adirondacks On Location,Location Scouting,Movies,Film,Commercials,Shoots

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Adirondacks On Location,Location Scouting,Movies,Film,Commercials,Shoots

Adirondacks On Location
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